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Assistive Technology Innovation Challenge

We are excited to announce our latest Innovation Challenge! For this challenge, we have partnered with an incredibly talented group of professionals at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation in Fredericton, New Brunswick. One way in which this centre helps their…

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Coding: What is it and Why Should I Care?

Everywhere you turn – CODING is part of the conversation – everyone is talking about coding these days – from Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama to Ashton Kutcher.  So what’s it mean to you? well, if you need to know…

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Stan Cassidy Rehabilitation Centre Partnership

We are incredibly excited to announce an innovation challenge for the moth of February. On Friday, February 5th, check back here at to learn about our Assistive Technology partnership with the Stan Cassidy Centre in Fredericton New Brunswick. We…

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Brilliant & Electronic Colour Mixing

At Brilliant Labs, we often have the opportunity to work with inspiring students on brilliant projects. Last month, I challenged a few groups of students to create an interactive learning activity using one of our favourite devices, the MakeyMakey by…

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Happy Brilliant Holidays

Brilliant Labs thought it would send our viewers into the Holiday Break by showing off our latest creation. This simple project can be completed by following the video tutorial, or simply reading along for the full list instructions. We hope your holidays are…

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Why Hour of Code: A Teacher’s Guide to Event Hosting

Sometimes the intended audience of a campaign is difficult to identify. For the past few years however, the intended audience from the international leaders behind the Hour of Code parent company, has been very clear: the audience they are…

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How to Host Your Own Hour of Code Event

Many Atlantic Canadian teachers have already reached out to invite Brilliant Labs into their classrooms to help support their Hour of Code initiatives. If you are looking for a little bit more information on how to host your own event,…

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Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is fast approaching! Register your class before Dec 6th to participate!  Then visit us on Monday, Nov 23rd for a tutorial and special Hour of Code prize announcements for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI!

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Large Format 3D Printing: Now Available for Atlantic Canadian Students!

Brilliant Labs has some exciting news: Students who are hoping to print a large version of their 3D Design, can now do so using our Large-Format 3D printer at our Brilliant Lab Shop. (Please send .stl files to  Wow….

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Interactive Holiday Sweater Challenge

With the holidays approaching, Brilliant Labs invites you to innovate and create with wearable electronics! Send your students on a curriculum inspired mission to research wearables such as gemma, flora, and lillypad, sensors, EL Wire, GPS chips, conductive thread, and…

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